Shih Tzu Breed Info

Shih Tzu Breed Info:

Overview: A Shih Tzu, also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a toy dog breed, weighing 10–19 pounds when fully grown. The exact origins of the breed are unknown, but it is thought to have originated in Tibet and then been developed in China.

Character: The Shih Tzu is a vigilant, spirited, little dog. It is blissful and stout, and packed with overwhelming character. The gentle, loyal Shih Tzu makes friends easily and responds well to consistent, patient training.

Coat: The Shih Tzu comes in a range of colors that include various shades of gold, white, brown, and black. Other colors include black mask gold, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver and white, brindle, white, red and white, and grey and white. Thus, when two Shih Tzu mate, there is a possibility that their offspring's coat will be similar to the sire's color, dam's color, tricolor, or a mix of both parents' color in one classification. The Shih Tzu is minimal sheding and considered hypoallergenic.

Temperament: Athough an individual Shih Tzu's temperament varies from dog to dog, the breed has a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate, outgoing, and alert. While the Shih Tzu is an excellent watch dog because of its alert and active nature, it was not specifically bred for this purpose. The Shih Tzu prefers to be close to its companions and will often offer strangers its affection. Because of its friendly nature, the Shih Tzu tends to interact well with other dogs, children, and adults.

Care/Training: The Shih Tzu requires minimal exercise. Shih Tzu's are found to be somewhat active. Shih Tzu's will be satisfied with daily walks and indoor playtime. You will find your dog trying to charm and kiss you into letting him have his own way. Shih Tzu's are such people dogs, praise and rewards are more effective than punishment. Introduce desired new behaviors a bit at a time, be firm, and never give in while your dog is misbehaving. If he nips or jumps up on you, ignore him until he settles down, then praise him.

Shih Tzus

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