Puppy Instructions (Very Important)

  1. Puppy needs to eat every 3 hours. Their little organs are so small that they have to eat often or they can go into sugar shock or hypoglycemia & it is very hard to control. Sometimes with the very tiny ones you may want to sprinkle sugar in their water. Should Poop 2-3 times daily.

  2. If puppy won’t eat: Give canned dog food, scrambled egg, rice, hamburger, plain yogurt, canned chicken/broth diluted with water. You can also try 2 or 3 pieces of honey nut cheerios as a source of sugar. You will also need to give Nutri Cal or Nutri Stat right away & 2 – 3 times a day & make sure to find something the puppy will eat. Watch closely for next few days. Call us right away at 660-935-2223 or 816-261-1784 if nothing works & you are unsuccessful. The puppy will need to be returned to us right away. DON’T WAIT!!

  3. Puppy needs a calm place to rest: A puppy sleeps about 15 - 20 hours a day and rest is so important to a puppy. If they get to tired they forget to eat and then they don’t want to eat and it is a fight to get them back to eating. So they can play for 20 - 30 minutes and then let rest, eat and drink. Don’t let the kids play and play and carry the puppy, even if the puppy looks like it is ok, some of them play and don’t know when to stop and get to tired and then won’t eat. You must protect the puppy from getting too tired.

  4. Puppy should not go out in the grass until it has its second shot – 3 wks from 1st shot. You will need to use puppy pads until that time. They will also need 2 more wormings.

  5. Changing to another food: We feed Diamond Natural and you will need to mix what we give you with the food of your choice (they don’t eat much so get a good dog food). Let them eat what we give you for 7 days and then mix the foods half and half until gone. Changing them from one food to another without mixing will give them diarrhea.

  6. Coccidia & Giardia: Blood in stool with diarrhea they will need an antibiotic, so call your vet and get them in, give them pumpkin or Pepto Bismo to stop the diarrhea. . Call us right away. Don’t wait on these tiny puppies.

  7. Last thing and Most important instruction is to call right away if you have any concerns. Warranty is void if you don’t call right away and follow instructions.


Food & instructions for TINY PUPPIES

We feed Diamond Natural Puppy food, & I send a small bag with you but if you want to change them to another food just feed it our food for 5 days & then mix it half & half with a good food until it is gone. It is VERY important that your puppy eats within 3 hours of getting home. If they won’t eat give them some of the canned dog food to get them started.

Food and water MUST be left out at all times, make sure they do not run out. I always leave puppy food out all of the time. For the tiny puppies I leave 3 different bowls. One is hard dog food, second is wet dog food with canned puppy food. Sometimes I add vanilla Yogurt (yogurt has live cultures in it and it is very good for the puppies) & the third bowl is water and a little sugar in there

. These puppies need to eat every 3 - 4 hours. If needed give the puppy a little Nutri Cal or Nutri Stat or (karo or pancake syrup) to stimulate its appetite, they must eat right away. Give us a call right away if you have any questions or concerns.

If they get diarrhea from stress give a tablespoon of pumpkin from the can mixed with a tablespoon of plain yogurt or a little Pepto-Bismol. Give a couple of times & call us if still having problems.

Also puppies must have a second shot 3 weeks after first shot before going out in the grass, you will need to use puppy pads until that time. They also need wormed 2 more times.

Call right away at 660-935-2223 or 816-261-1784 if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your business, and enjoy your baby. Bill & Gloria 660-935-2223