Our address is: 541 Walnut, Maitland, MO 64466.

We are 42 miles north of St. Joe, and it is just over an hour North of the KCI airport. You come up interstate 29 to the first exit past St. Joe and take exit 56A or the Maryville exit North for 22 miles and you TURN LEFT AT THE SIGN THAT SAYS MARYVILLE 9 MILES AHEAD (turn left) it will say Maitland 11 miles (on the bottom of the sign). This is called Hwy A.  When you get to town (6 blocks wide) you will go 3 blocks past Rocky's Pit Stop (gas station) and turn right at Walnut St.  Go 1 block and turn left at the corner into our driveway (1000 feet back in). There is a sign on the bottom of the telephone pole that says FOR SALE PUPPIES AND YOU ARE THERE. Thanks! Gloria (and I would need to hear from you if you are coming so you can call 660-935-2223 or email  puppies4u24@gmail.com)